Zip-through hoodie in sweatshirt fabric with a soft brushed inside. Jersey-lined hood, a zip down the front, front pockets and ribbing at the cuffs and hem.

Article number:0739092046
Length: Regular length
Sleeve Length: Long sleeve
Style: Hooded jacket
Description: Navy blue, Solid colour
Concept: BASICS


Shell:Cotton 80%, Polyester 20%
Hood lining:Cotton 100%
Elastic ribs:Cotton 97%, Elastane 3%
Additional material information
The total weight of this product contains:

62% Organic cotton
22% Recycled cotton
14% Recycled polyester
We exclude the weight of minor components such as, but not exclusively: threads, buttons, zippers, embellishments and prints.

The total weight of the product is calculated by adding the weight of all layers and main components together. Based on that, we calculate how much of that weight is made out by each material. For sets & multipacks all pieces are counted together as one product in calculations.

Materials in this product explained
Cotton is a soft and versatile natural fibre harvested from the cotton plant.
Elastane is an elastic synthetic fibre made from oil (a fossil resource).
Organic cotton
Organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of artificial pesticides or fertilisers and contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
Polyester is a synthetic fibre made from crude oil (a fossil resource).
Recycled cotton
Recycled cotton is cotton made from textile waste in production or from end-of-life textile waste. The waste is mechanically recycled and spun into new yarn.
Recycled polyester
Recycled polyester is polyester made from PET bottles or end-of-life textile waste. The PET bottles or textile waste is mechanically recycled and processed into new yarn.




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